The Classic iPhone Features Which You Couldn’t Live Without

It is another year, another big release, and another birthday for the Apple iPhone. The cell phone to end all cells phone, the big daddy of the telecommunications world, turns nine years old in 2016. This means that fans have spent close to ten years on tenterhooks waiting for news of the latest OS updates and handset launches. With the iPhone 6S just round the corner and yet another Steve Jobs biopic in the works, it is clear to see that our fascination with iPhones is not going anywhere yet.


It is interesting to look back at how much the iPhone has changed over the years and how exciting a lot of its now very basic features were in the early days. For example, there was a time when just the sheer amount of phone numbers which the iPhone could remember seemed like an impressive feat. Or, when the first cell phone cameras felt having the future in the palm of our hands. Still remember that day when i broke the screen of my first iphone and the repair was so expensive that i literally changed my mind to get it fixed. But nowadays it is so common and cheap, got my wife’s iphone repaired from johns creek cell phone repair in less than $100.


To celebrate the imminent release of the iPhone 6S, we are going to take a look at some of the features which you might take for granted these days, but which you could not live without.


GPS Mapping

It is easy to forget how difficult finding your way around a brand new city used to be without the help of GPS mapping tools. There were tools like MapQuest around, of course, but this meant taking the time to locate and then print out a ream of instructions. In 2009, we saw the arrival of Google Maps and everything changed – by 2012, Apple had its own version and iPhone users were delighted.


SMS Text Messaging

You could argue that SMS messaging has had more influence over the development of the iPhone and cell phones like it than any other feature. It continues to be the most popular method of communication, after direct calls, and this is despite the fact that it has changed very little over the years. We started out with basic messaging functions which were restricted to 160 characters and the iPhone is still bound by this rule – nevertheless, SMS messaging is what we turn to when we want instant interaction.

Internet Browsing

Whilst it was possible to browse the web on a cell phone before the introduction of the first iPhones, it was hardly an enjoyable affair. In fact, it was downright fussy and frustrating at times. Yet, these days, surfing the net could not be easier – browsers like Safari allow every action to be followed by an almost instant response. Plus, resources like Flash are a great way to make sure that users can benefit from intelligent desktop like browsing tools.


4G Data Speeds

And finally, we turn to the swansong that is the 4G data connection – do not get too familiar though, because it is not likely to stick around for long. You only have to browse any iPhone related forum to see that modern users get bored quickly, especially when it comes to data speeds. There is always something which needs to be done faster, which needs a better, more impressive connection. In fact, this need is what drives the industry forward and makes sure that companies like Apple keep innovating.


Looking ahead to the iPhone 6S

The official reports are putting the release of the iPhone 6S at somewhere around November. The company has now revealed plans to hold a major event in September, but there is no firm word yet on whether a final and official date will be given. It is an exciting time for iPhone fans, nonetheless, who are looking forward to having a brand new piece of the future in their hands.


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